A Way To  Say
Published by Chandran Gallery

In July 2016, Michelle Blade and Mel Kadel began a correspondence project via email. The artists took turns sending the other found texts, getting to know one another with each typed missive. Varying in tone, eras and sources, the quotes exchanged were inspirational and in many ways, regardless of their origin, reflections of their personal thoughts on the creative process, on being women, and the political climate of 2016-2017.

Collaborative in nature, each shared quote served as a catalyst for the paintings compiled in this book. Throughout the process both Kadel and Blade were propelled forward by the psychic overlap found within the similar sensibilities present in the works. And while each painting was uniquely made in their distinct styles, each of the forty works examines an inspired partnership rooted in language and visual interpretation.

Images by Michelle Blade & Mel Kadel