Taking note from her most intimate and immediate surroundings, Blade’s paintings depict a collection of quotidian scenes: the last blush of day, moments in her garden, the remnnts of a mea

Using exploration and the human condition as a broad starting point, Blade draws from the theories and visual vernacular of Transcendentalism, Magical Realism and Romanticism. Her images are full of divine light, and portraits of totem-like individuals submersed in radient color-fields. Her aesthetic, which imbues the simple and mundane with preternatural qualities, is made by applying numerous atmospheric layers of acrylic ink that bleed, bloom and pulse with mystical tones. Through this essential process her work is often pushed toward abstraction by the essence of the water based media. Blade believes this limbo serves as a physical placeholder for the mysterious, thus creating an opportunity to reinterpret and draw into question the essence of the everyday.

Driven by the inescapable qualities of the natural world this exhibition is about curiosity and one's search for meaning and place within the cosmos. The perceived energy Blade depicts lays behind physical appearances. It’s a world of benevolent energy flowing through and protecting life. The title of the exhibition “Into the Forest”, is not simply an escapist fantasy but also a rallying call to dive more deeply into ones reality and reassess our connection to the health of our afflicted world. In the words of Mary Oliver, using “Attention as devotion”.

Michelle Blade is a visual artist working in painting, sculpture and installation. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at the Center for Contemporary Arts; Santa Fe, The Bonnefantenmuseum; Netherlands, Jack Hanley Gallery; NY, Southern Exposure; San Francisco, Western Exhibitions; Chicago, Roberts & Tilton; LA and The Torrance Art Museum, among others. Her work has been featured in The NY Times Magazine, The LA Times, The Paris Review, Juxtapoz, The California Sunday Magazine, and Art Maze Mag. Blade holds a BA from Loyola Marymount and an MFA from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco. She currently lives and works in LA.


Michelle Blade
b. 1981, LA, CA

MFA, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, Ca, 2008
BA, Loyola Marymount, LA, Ca, 2003

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2020: Into the Forest, Wilding Cran Gallery, LA, CA
2020: Viewing Room / Odd Ark, LA
2019: Pansy, Nationale, Portland, OR
2017: Partnerlook, Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA
2016: Gentle Existential, Brilliant Champions, Brooklyn, NY
2015: If The Spirit Moves You, PATA PDX, Portland, OR
2014: Gathering Into Being, CULT Exhibitions, SF, CA
2013: 366 Days of the Apocalypse, CCA, Santa Fe, NM
2012: Hanging Fire, Carter & Citizen, Los Angeles, CA
2011: Cast & Cascade, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL
2010: Nigredo, Albeo, Citrinitas, Rubedo, Bravin Lee Gallery, NYC
2009: Blow As Deep As You Can Blow, Triple Base, SF, CA
2008: The Elliptical Good-Kind, Jack Hanley, San Francisco, CA

Selected Group Exhibition

2021: My Secret Garden, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2021: Ridiculous Sublime, SFA Advisory, NY
2021: From LA to Milan, F2T Gallery, Milan, Italy
2020: It’s a Sad & Beautiful World, Wilding Cran, LA
2020: Poem from Home, Jacob’s West, LA
2020: Track 16, If Everything is an Outrage, Los Angeles
2019: The Pitt / Binder of Women, Collectio Release, LA
2018: Project Space, David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, Co
2017: A Way to Say, Chandran Gallery
2017: New Suns, Bonnefantenmuseum, Netherlands
2016: Ritual Night, Left Field Gallery, San Louis Obispo, CA
2016: Metagalactic, David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, Co,
2015: No Matter New Matter, Ed. Varie, NY, NY
2014: Decade of Decadunce, Cinders, Brooklyn, NY
2013: Aftergow, Saint Mary's College Museum of Art, CA
2013: Drawing Down the Moon, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
2013: Sunbeams, Art Speak, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2013: The Modern Monster, Queen's Nails, San Francisco, Ca
2012: Immaterial, Mark Wolfe Gallery, San Francisco, Ca
2011: Domestic Goods, Eric Firestone Gallery, Hampton, NY
2011: Unseen, Torrence Art Museum, Torrence, Ca
2010: Grey Day, Roberts & Tilton, LA, Ca.
2010: Chapel, Conduit Gallery, Dallas TX,
2010: Alchemy, Southern Exposure, SF, CA
2009: Hot and Cold, Baer Ridgeway, SF, CA
2008: New Wave, Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles
2008: White Noise Drawn Together, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

Awards & Residencies:

FB AIR Program, Menlo Park, 2015
Aurobora Press Residency, San Francisco, 2012
Children's Creativity Museum Artist in Resident, 2011
ProArts 2x2 Artist Grant, 2011
Alternative Exposure, Southern Exposure Grant, 2010
Murphy-Cadogan Fellowship, 2007